round robin test

round robin test

Part of the requirements for carrying the FGW conformity seal is the participation in all future FGW robin tests. These tests are used to ensure quality assurance for the application of FGW guidelines and to determine ambiguities and uncertainties. For this purpose, the participating institutes apply the entire or parts of the testing method on identical sample data sets, simulation models or devices. The submitted results are compared with each other and examined against pre-defined success criteria. If the success criteria are adhered to, the participation in the round robin test is considered  as passed.


Current Round Robin Tests:

TC Noise - Topic: IEC 61400-11 ed.3

In spring 2021, the Technical Committee on Noise carried out a round robin test for revision 19 of TR1.

The quality of the standard was checked based on the evaluation and discussion of the results. Furthermore, the results can serve as proof of the qualification of the participating test laboratories.

The round robin test conducted by the FGW for revision 19 of TR 1 “Determination of noise emission values” was successfully completed and the final report published.

21.07.2021 – Pressemitteilung

Abschlussbericht Ringversuch TR 1 Rev. 19

Ergänzungsbericht zur Durchführung des Ringversuchs des FA Lärms 2021 nach FGW-Richtlinie TR1 Rev. 19 – zusätzliche Runde speziell für die Messunsicherheit

TC Electrical Characteristics - Topic: FGW TG 3 Revision 24

Description: The round robin test aims to check the reproducibility of measurements and data analysis of electrical measurements on a PGU according to FGW TG 3 Revision 24. Time synchronous measurement data covering the whole power range of the PGU and recorded by all participants at a mutual test bench test on 16th to 17th of May 2018 is used as a basis. The following points are tested:


  • Flicker
  • Harmonics
  • Switching
  • Unbalance


Based on the evaluation and discussion of the results, the quality of the guideline shall be checked. Furthermore, the results can serve as a proof for the qualification of the participating test laboratories.

TC Operating Data & Site Yield - Topic: TG 10

TG10 round robin test acc. to Rev. 2

Latest news:

Repeats of the RV-1 and RV-2 round robin tests are planned for 2024. A new round robin test (RV-3) will be carried out after the repetitions. Successful participation in the RV-1, RV-2 and then RV-3 round robin tests is a prerequisite for accreditation as a TR10 testing laboratory.

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Status 17.01.2024

Successful participations:

List of successfully participating companies of round robin test

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