We provide a network for the energy sector and are currenlty standardizing the renewable energy vocabulary for a future decentralized energy supply. Together, we are creating technical guidlines and as a result also influencing Standards.



FGW-Webinar  23.02.2024 / Anmeldung ab 01/24

FAIH 29.02.2024, Hannover, verschoben

FA Lärm 05.03.2024, Hamburg

FABS 13.03.2024, Hamburg

FAWP 14.03.2024, Hamburg

Genereal Meeting 26.06.2024, Hamburg


short profile

  • Non-profit platform made up of companies, organisations and individuals engaged in research, development, production and application of renewable energies.
  • Forum for politicians, science and the renewable energy industry.
  • Founded in 1985 by an industrial initiative.


FGW’s main objectives and activities:


    • Promotion of research and development;
    • Elaboration of recommendations and strategies;
    • Assessment of technological implications;
    • Public Relations and promotional activities;
    • Organisation of workshops, conferences and training courses.

Advisory Board consisting of politicians and officials of the appropriate administrative organisations in Germany and the European Community.


  • On 28.06.2024, the FGW Expert Committee Operating Data & Site Yield decided to supplement the Technical Guideline Part 10 (TG10). The supplement includes a procedure for pre-filtering the 10-minute time series in section 4.1. All further information on the supplement can be found here: Expert......

  • The Technical Guideline Part 6 Revision 12 is now available in English translation and can be ordered via our shop. Please note the statement on dealing with the change of revision: FGW FAWP TR6 Statement Change Of Revision The published corrections to the German revision, adopted......

  • On May 7th, 2024, the FGW Expert Committee for Power Curve (FALK) decided to supplement the Technical Guideline Part 2 (TG 2). With the supplement, wind measurement according to IEC 61400-50-3 via a nacelle-based lidar is approved for the determination of power curves according to......

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