We provide a network for the energy sector and are currenlty standardizing the renewable energy vocabulary for a future decentralized energy supply. Together, we are creating technical guidlines and as a result also influencing Standards.




Fachausschuss Elektrische Eigenschaften, conference call


Fachausschuss Windpotential, conference call


Fachausschuss Betriebsdaten und Standortertrag, conference call


short profile

  • Non-profit platform made up of companies, organisations and individuals engaged in research, development, production and application of renewable energies.
  • Forum for politicians, science and the renewable energy industry.
  • Founded in 1985 by an industrial initiative.


FGW’s main objectives and activities:


    • Promotion of research and development;
    • Elaboration of recommendations and strategies;
    • Assessment of technological implications;
    • Public Relations and promotional activities;
    • Organisation of workshops, conferences and training courses.

Advisory Board consisting of politicians and officials of the appropriate administrative organisations in Germany and the European Community.


  • FGW TG 2 Supplement Annex B „Rated power adaptation“ The Technical Committee for Power Performance (TC PP) votes for the supplement of Annex B to the revision 17 of Technical Guideline part 2 „Determination or Power Curves and Standardised Energy Yields“. Annex B describes a......

  • Berlin, September 10, 2019 – The FGW Technical Guidelines for measurement, modelling and certification of the electrical characteristics of PGU, PGS, storage systems as well as their components, FGW TG 3, TG 4 and TG 8 were notified in the German language versions according to......

  • The Technical committee for Electrical Characteristics votes for an alteration of revison 25 of the Technical Guideline Part 3 “Determination of the Electrical Characteristics of Power Generating Units and Systems, Storage Systems as well for their Components in Medium-, High- and Extra-High Voltage Grids”. The......