We provide a network for the energy sector and are currenlty standardizing the renewable energy vocabulary for a future decentralized energy supply. Together, we are creating technical guidlines and as a result also influencing Standards.




FGW-general meeting, conference call


Fachausschuss Instandhaltung, either attendance or conference meeting


short profile

  • Non-profit platform made up of companies, organisations and individuals engaged in research, development, production and application of renewable energies.
  • Forum for politicians, science and the renewable energy industry.
  • Founded in 1985 by an industrial initiative.


FGW’s main objectives and activities:


    • Promotion of research and development;
    • Elaboration of recommendations and strategies;
    • Assessment of technological implications;
    • Public Relations and promotional activities;
    • Organisation of workshops, conferences and training courses.

Advisory Board consisting of politicians and officials of the appropriate administrative organisations in Germany and the European Community.


  • The Technical Committee Wind Potential has passed the following resolution regarding the site inspections required by FGW Technical Guideline Part 6 (TG6). Statement of FGW Technical Committee for Wind Potential about site inspections  ...

  • By mutual agreement, the Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Dezentrale Energien (FGW e.V.) has terminated the cooperation with the previous Managing Director, Mr Jens Rauch, as of 31.03.2021 and thanks him for the many years of cooperation. Mr Jan Liersch will be the new Managing Director......

  • FGW TG 2 Supplement Annex B „Rated power adaptation“ The Technical Committee for Power Performance (TC PP) votes for the supplement of Annex B to the revision 17 of Technical Guideline part 2 „Determination or Power Curves and Standardised Energy Yields“. Annex B describes a......