FGW e.V. launches public and bilingual consultation for proof of grid connection con-formity

FGW e.V. launches public and bilingual consultation for proof of grid connection conformity

  • FGW regulations according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 (Requirements for Generators, RfG) on the agenda


Berlin, 29.06.2021 – A public consultation procedure will again be held in German and English on the current drafts of the FGW Guidelines TG 3, TG 4 and TG 8. The procedure offers companies without membership of the FGW as well as international companies the opportunity to comment and should thus ensure more transparency.

The focus of the work for the new revisions was on error correction, restructuring and the implementation of deferred work from the last revision. Furthermore, the results from the research project Netzharmonie were transferred to TG 3. A relevant topic in TG 4 was the establishment of a procedure for EMT models, with which aspects relevant to offshore wind farms were included for the first time, as well as the integration of initial approaches to generic, platform-independent models. In TG 8, the verification procedure for extra-high voltage is implemented.

The three independent public consultations on the three guidelines will take place at different times. The public consultation of TG 3 will start on 19.07.2021, that of TG 4 on 23.08.2021 and that of TG 8 at the beginning of 2022. The publication of TG 3 (Rev. 26) and TG 4 (Rev. 10) is planned for mid-2022 and that of TG 8 (Rev. 10) for the end of 2022.

Terms and conditions for participation in the public consultation, as well as the exact procedure, are available on the FGW website (www.wind-fgw.de).

Terms and conditions for participants in the public consultation

The consultation shall take place in accordance with the extended rules of procedure of the FAEE.

Interested participants must register with FGW using the FGW Shop prior to the end of the commenting phase and acknowledge the general and the extended FAEE committee rules of procedure as well as the FGW compliance guideline. The acknowledgement also includes in particular the recognition of the full assignment of the exploitation rights to all content included in the guidelines.

By paying the registration fee, participants acquire

1. the requested draft

2. the right to participate in the consultation meetings that will be used to address the comments submitted

3. and the Technical Guideline itself, published following the conclusion of the revision cycle

After registering, participants can comment on the draft document using a comment template that is provided. The consultation periods for the latest possible submission of comments can be found in the comment template themselves, and have been planned for the following periods:

  • TG 3: 19.07.- 16.09.2021
  • TG 4: 23.08.- 21.10.2021
  • TG 8: expected from end of 2022

Please note that comments that do not take into account notes included in the comment list may not be processed.

Interested participants who would like to receive a message at the start of the consultation can put themselves on a distribution list at publicconsultation@wind-fgw.de to be placed on a mailing list. Questions about the public consultation can be sent to the same address.

Terms and conditions for participants in the public consultation

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